Debated saying anything

Because I’m still a little afraid my resolve will crumble in between now and “later,” but since I have found a mobile vet service who will work with me, I am thinking of letting Tasha go next month.  At home, under peaceful terms, before she gets worse.  Before the winter cold makes her arthritis worse, before she suffers a debilitating or painful stroke, before she sustains an injury from another accident.  Her bad days are getting too numerous. 

I can’t describe how shitty this feels.  I feel horrible.  I need to do what’s best for her.


shhh! It’s a secret! by Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West) on Flickr.


Luka, 8 weeks. <3

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Photographer:  Paul Croes

Photographer: Paul Croes

"I don’t know if my dogs respect me or not, but they’re greedy and I have their stuff."

— Patty Ruzzo


Team work.


Racing Name: Arkans Tinker
Offspring of: Lonesome Cry x RB Quibble
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 05/25/2012 
Weight: 61 lbs
Color: Red
Location: GO Kennel
Cat Tolerant: Yes
Status: Available - See more at: www.greyhoundsonly.com

Tinker is a confident and affectionate girl.  She could use some leash work because she jumps and spins while on leash.  Her high-activity level would make her a bit too much for families with small children.


Racing Name: AJN Margaret
Offspring of: Just Natural x Seco Ahmose
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 06/12/2012 
Weight: 69 lbs
Color: Fawn
Location: GO Kennel
Cat Tolerant: No
Status: Available - See more at: www.greyhoundsonly.com

Garrett is a happy, affectionate and playful boy.  He is confident, has a tail that wags constantly and gives kisses.


This duck must die!
Wait.. this bed must die!
Duck!  What are you still doing there!?
Bed! What are you still doing there?!
Fuck it, I’ll just lie on top of you.